Interstate-McBee is proud to announce our AAR Certification to add to our ISO9002-With Design. These certifications recognize Interstate-McBee's commitment to quality assurance throughout our manufacturing, assembly and testing procedures so all our products meet and exceed expectations every time. 

You can view our current AAR certificate HERE.

Interstate-McBee manufactures a full line of Electronic Unit Pumps (EUP) and Injectors for GE 7FDL Engines and Electronic Unit Injectors (EUI) for EMD Engines. Every EUP & EUI is tested using OEM procedures and have flow codes to match the ECM software appropriate for you application. All EUP & EUI have been tested at EPA Certified facilities to assure EPA Emissions compliance in addition to the thousands of hours for endurance testing.

Interstate-McBee can upgrade your Mechanically Fuel Injected EMD engine to a state of the art Electronically Fuel Injected Engine. If your goal is to save fuel, our Engine Management Kit (EMS) has proven to reduce fuel consumption over 3%! If your goal is to reach a higher EPA Tier level, our EMS kit has transformed a Tier 0 engine into Tier 2 and added performance capabilities not available with mechanical fuel injection.

OEM quality Mechanical Fuel Injectors (MUI) from Interstate-McBee all with our patented “Ecotip” nozzles available for any EMD engine application. The original Green Tag Ecotip injector delivers fuel savings and lower smoke in any non-emission engine. If you need Tier 0 or Tier 0+ compliance, we have an Ecotip injector for all 645 & 710 engines. Plus, if you have a specific challenge such as extended idle or EPA certification, Interstate can design a one of our famous Black Tag injectors and work with you to solve any need.