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Service and Support

Customer support is the foundation Interstate-McBee is built on. From warehousing, to warranties, to in-house support, every facet of our business has been crafted with the customer in mind

Shipping and Warehousing

In 2023 we opened our new World Headquarters in Oakwood, Ohio. This state-of-the-art facility houses both our gasket production and kitting departments, offices, and a 200,000 sq. ft warehouse for engine parts with room to expand and grow. We hold, on average, $40-$50 million worth of inventory and maintain a 95% order fill rate. Over the years we have added several more facilities across the United States to further improve our operations. We now have branches not only in Ohio, but also Florida, Texas, California, and Nebraska. Our products are shipped worldwide and many of our orders are shipped same day.

Customer Service

Across our five locations, we maintain a staff of 20+ qualified customer service experts with a combined experience of over 100 years. From early morning on the east coast to closing time in California, a qualified representative is always available to assist.

Representatives are product knowledgeable, industry trained and detailed oriented. They have the ability to access company information to assist with correct parts selection, product availability, order processing and tracking of shipments.


We take a different approach than our competitors when it comes to warranty claims. Our fully transparent process is centered around in-depth testing done by certified diesel technicians on actual engine equipment. Our technicians aren’t just guessing when they review your warranty claim; They’re performing a hands-on evaluation. Our testing facility features innovative diagnostic machinery that tests parts in 20+ different key characteristics such as combustion, horsepower, durability, and emissions.

Characteristics We Test:

CO levels Engine Oil Pressure
CO2 levels Fuel Pressure
O2 levels Boost Pressure
NOx levels Crankcase Pressure
Smoke Opacity Engine Output
Exhaust Temp. Engine Load
Turbo Air Temp. Engine Throttle
Intake Air Temp. Torque
Oil Temp. Horsepower
Water Temp. Engine RPM
Fuel Temp. ECM Parameters