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Interstate-McBee is the world’s leading manufacturer of fuel injectors and injector components for EMD and GE engines.  As an OEM partner to EMD, Interstate was the exclusive supplier for all the mechanical injectors in EMD’s Tier-0 and Tier-0+ emissions certified kits.  Using our patented Ecotip technology, our injectors helped provide EMD the low emissions necessary to meet the strict EPA guidelines.  The same injectors are available to all our customers today.

Interstate also manufactures electronic fuel injectors (EUIs) for EMD emissions certified engines.  These injectors are the only replacement EMD EUIs that have the flow codes needed to ensure the engines meet or exceed EPA emissions requirements.

In order to meet the same emissions standards for GE 7FDL engines, we also use flow codes on all our GE replacement pumps.  We also supply replacement GE nozzle holder assemblies (a.k.a., injectors) for the 7FDL Tier-1+ certified engines.  Both our pumps and nozzles have been certified by the EPA for replacement on 7FDL engines.