Home of the Ecotip Superstack

Interstate-McBee is the world’s leading independent manufacturer of fuel injectors and injector components for EMD and GE engines.  In addition to builing new and UTEX injectors and pumps, we also manufacture the components all in our facility in Cleveland, Ohio. The patented Ecotip is designed to reduce smoke and save fuel and is available for all EMD engine applications with mechanical fuel injection. As an OEM partner to EMD, Interstate was the exclusive supplier for all the mechanical injectors and components for both non emission and in EMD’s Tier-0 and Tier-0+ emissions certified kits.  Using our patented Ecotip technology, our injectors helped EMD achieve the lower emissions necessary to meet the strict EPA guidelines.  These same injectors are available to all our customers today.

What is the ECOTIP® Superstack?

The ECOTIP® Superstack is exclusive to Interstate-McBee injectors and has unique features allowing for a variety of benefits.

Features of the ECOTIP® Superstack:

  • Reduced “sac” area reducing fuel left after injection
  • Components matched for enhanced performance
  • Patented check valve to reduce fuel consumption

Advantages of the ECOTIP® Superstack:

  • Fuel savings up to 3%*
  • Emission particulates reduced by 44%*
  • Elimination of fuel drip after injection
  • Improved engine response at higher altitude
  • Increased component reliability and durability
  • Efficient atomization
    • More complete combustion
    • Better fuel economy

*Compared to standard injector design

Extended Idle

The term coined by mechanical officers as “souping” is when locomotives spend several hours a day idling causing the engine lube oil to push out and coat the interior of the stack. Souping is messy, creates safety hazards, and causes hot embers to be blown into the air when shifting to higher notches.

In order to reduce this issue, Interstate-McBee designed an injector specifically for extended idle applications. These extended idle injectors feature a helix cut plunger design that allows for modified fuel delivery at lower level notches for more efficient fuel burn while also providing full fuel at higher notches. Extended idle injectors also feature our patented ECOTIP® Superstack that reduces smoke and provides more efficient fuel atomization.

Benefits of extended idle injectors:

  • Decreased risk of trackside fire
  • Diminished chance of fines
  • Reduced oil on car bodies
    • Less cleaning
    • Lower labor costs
    • Safer work environment
  • Reduce ring and liner wear
  • Accommodates both light and heavy loads
  • Increase overall locomotive performance



Interstate-McBee offers replacement pumps and injectors for GE® applications. Each of our UTEX injectors (NHAs) have a new spray tip to deliver precise atomization and fuel economy for the life of the injector. In addition, all of our UTEX pumps are built with new control valve which assure exact timing and increases accuracy in fuel delivery.

In order to meet the same emissions standards for GE 7FDL Tier-1+ engines, we also use flow codes on all our GE replacement pumps.  We also supply replacement GE injectors (NHAs) for the 7FDL Tier-1+ certified engines.  Both our pumps and injectors have been certified by the EPA for replacement on 7FDL emission certified engines.


Interstate manufactures new and UTEX electronic fuel injectors (EUIs) for EMD emissions certified engines covering Tier-0 through Tier-3.  These injectors are the only replacement EMD EUIs that have the appropriate injector flow codes needed to ensure the engines meet or exceed EPA emissions requirements.

For all EMD/GE related inquiries, contact Patrick Roach at: proach@interstate-mcbee.com