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Component Manufacturing

Interstate-McBee is ISO 9001:2008 with Design certified.

Our stringent standards don’t stop there.  All Interstate-McBee gaskets are manufactured in the U.S. from quality OEM materials.

Interstate-McBee has two building with manufacturing capabilities, featuring state-of-the-art equipment for precision grinding, honing and drilling to satisfy the requirements in today’s high-pressure fuel systems.

Our diverse manufacturing facilities also mean we can engineer both stock and custom products. With nearly 30 degreed engineers on staff, we can get it done.

Once you place an order, our automated warehouse gets your parts picked. Then our streamlined packing and shipping areas prepare your product and get it out the door, ensuring that we meet your agreed upon shipping expectations.

We keep our inventory stocked, so you can get what you need quickly. Our over 5 million cubic square feet of inventory storage makes it possible – as does strategically located domestic distribution facilities in Ohio, California, Texas and Florida, along with our international operations that serve over 90 countries.