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Engine Kits

Features & Benefits of Interstate-McBee Engine Kits

  • Forged steel pistons with skirt coating for reduced friction
  • Interstate-McBee cylinder liners with superior bore finish
  • Kits can be ordered w/ APR (Anti Polishing Ring) or non-APR style liners
  • Inframe and re-ring kits include high performance rod and main bearings
  • Hardened and tempered piston pins for strength and wear resistance
  • Piston rings made from alloy cast iron or steel where required

Interstate-McBee offers an extensive collection of ISX/QSX engine kits for both single and dual-cam engines, spanning a wide range of ECMs. For a full list of kits, check out our ISX catalog at

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Our ISX/QSX/X15 Gaskets and Gasket Set Offerings Include:

  • Upper and Lower Engine Gasket Sets
  • Gear Cover Gasket Sets for Dual and Single Cam
  • Injector Seal Kits Including HPI and HPCR
  • ECM Isolator Gaskets
  • Exhaust Manifold Gaskets
  • Mounting Gaskets for Turbocharger, Fuel Pump, Air Compressor, and Water Pump
  • Housing Gaskets for Flywheel, Oil Cooler & Thermostat
  • Cover Gaskets for Gear Housing, Thermostat, & Valves
  • Seals for Turbocharger Oil Supply, Outlet & Flange
  • Oil Pan Gasket and Drain Plug Seal

Cylinder Heads

Interstate-McBee has also recently added a new line of replacement cylinder heads. Supply is limited so order in advance.

  • Brand new castings
  • No core required
  • One-year warranty

Single Cam

ISX Single Cam out of the box

Dual Cam

Exceptionally Remanufactured


Interstate-McBee continues its dedication to producing and supplying the highest quality Cummins ISX-HPI remanufactured injectors with the expansion of their ISX-HPI injector lineup.

Our Quality Assured

Backed by a 1-year, unlimited mile warranty, our injectors are remanufactured to achieve unmatched performance. Each ISX-HPI injector includes factory-installed filters and external o-rings for proper sealing.

The highest quality and the most complete line of numbers makes the Interstate-McBee ISX-HPI injectors the industry standard.


Interstate-McBee, the world’s premier heavy duty engine parts supplier, now offers remanufactured VGT turbochargers. Combined with Interstate-McBee’s industry leading engine parts and fuel injectors, our reman turbos will help you:
  • Improve fuel economy
  • Optimize engine operating speed
  • Enhance compression brake
  • Control emissions to stay EPA compliant
  • Save time and money with one-stop shopping

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