“I have had great quality with everything I have purchased so far. I always promote this product for its quality and pricing compared to OEM and other aftermarket items out there.”

Brad Knight, JC Compressor Service

“We have been selling your products for over 10 years and have not heard any complaints from our customers. The product is excellent and the company caries a variety of products for different engine manufacturers”

Carlos Sarradet, F.W. Mestre Equipment Company

“Customers prefer McBee products above the rest. I sell with confidence. Impeccable customer service, always ready to help. There is hardly a comparison to the competition.”

Mario Bautista, Diesel Engine Components

“The era of cheap fuel, excessive smoke, wet-stacking, or otherwise ‘dirty’ locomotives is over. We strive to provide a clean, economical, repairable, and reliable locomotive solution. As of 2018 all our locomotives have been equipped with the ECOTIP and the benefits are paying dividends for our customers.”

Jon Jaros - President, HZRX-Locomotive Leasing, LLC

“After replacing the injectors with Interstate’s Ecotips, our fuel bills dropped by over 10%. We didn’t make any other changes and our business remained constant so the fuel savings are definitely the result of doing a complete change-out with Ecotip injectors.”

John Smith – President, WV Central/Durbine & Greenbrier Valley RR

“Tacoma Rail aspires to ‘green up’ as much as possible on a limited budget, and ECOTIPS are a great addition. The smoke opacity reductions were readily apparent, an important part of the Puget Sound region’s efforts for reduced emissions.”

Phil Hogman – Mechanical Department Supervisor, Tacoma Rail