RGA Submission Process

1. Error Reported

  • Before proceeding, confirm that all incorrect/faulty parts for return have not been installed in the engine. To return faulty parts that have been installed please submit a warranty claim.
  • Note the Reference/PO numbers and all relevant item numbers including the reason for return for each part.
  • If you did not buy the parts directly from Interstate-McBee, contact the selling distributor for further instructions.
  • If the parts were purchased directly from Interstate-McBee (or the selling distributor has instructed you to do so), proceed to step two to file the RGA with Interstate-McBee.

2. Submit the Warranty

  • Log into the Interstate-McBee eCommerce Portal and select “Submit a RGA” under the Self-Service header.
  • Input the necessary information and click “Submit RGA” to finalize the submission.
  • If additional assistance is required, please see our RGA How-To Guide.

3. After You Submit

  • After your case is reviewed, you will receive an email at the registered email address containing your RGA form. Save and print this form.
  • Ship all parts, the printed RGA, and any sustaining documentation to the address listed on the RGA.
  • Record the case number, RGA number, and tracking number for reference. These will be needed in communications regarding your case.


Common Questions

No. Ship only the parts listed on the RGA form along with supporting documents. Shipping additional parts or core returns will delay the processing of the case.

Once your case has been received by Interstate-McBee, the registered email will receive case update notifications for the following instances:

  • Submission is received.
  • RGA is confirmed. (This will include your RGA form).
  • Case is closed disposition and credit memo issued.

Starting from when all required documentation and parts are received, the case will take 3 to 6 weeks to complete. If additional parts or documentation are required after the initial case submission, the case can extend beyond the 3–6-week window.

After a case is finalized no additional credits can be issued and a credit memo and disposition will be emailed to the registered email that filed the case.

To dispute a final resolution, you must work with your Interstate-McBee salesman.

To dispute a final resolution, you must work with your Interstate-McBee salesman.