Warranty Submission Process

1. Failure Reported

  • The customer reports an engine failure to the selling distributor.
  • The distributor informs the end user to economically repair the failure.
  • The distributor assists as necessary. The customer is to pay the repair bill.
  • Repair the engine. Do not wait for the warranty outcome.

2. Submit the Warranty

  • Collect the necessary information. Use the warranty checklist to ensure you have all the necessary documentation.
  • Log into Interstate-McBee’s eCommerce portal and select “Submit a Warranty” under the Self-Service header.
  • Input the necessary information and click “Submit Warranty Case” to finalize the submission.
  • If additional assistance is require, please reference our Warranty How-To Guide.

3. After You Submit

  • Your case will be reviewed and you will receive case updates at the email address provided during registration.
  • When you receive an RGA form save and print the form.
  • Ship all parts, the printed RGA, and any sustaining documentation to the address listed on the RGA.
    • Do not ship additional parts or core returns with your warranty – this will delay the processing of your warranty case.
  • Record the case number, RGA number, and tracking number for referencing purposes with Interstate-McBee.

Warranty Submission Checklist

The Warranty Submission Checklist below can help confirm that you have collected all of the necessary documentation. This online checklist is for reference only and will not save your progress or be submitted to Interstate-McBee.

For a printable version of this list, click here.

ECM report taken immediately after the failure. Do not delete fault codes. Print pages.
Invoices from the install of the failed parts including technicians report, parts, and costs.
Invoices from repairing the failure including technicians report, parts, and costs.
All parts being claimed to repair the failure.

Cylinder kits must be removed from the cylinder block.
Mark all parts according to their position they were in the engine.

Chassis year, make, and model.
Engine year, make, and model.
Engine Serial Number.
Time frame parts were in-service.
Mileage parts were in-service.
What to do with parts if claim is denied (return, scrap) (core – for fuel injection only)
Clear explanation of the failure, suspected cause and action taken to repair the failure.
Interstate-McBee part number(s) filing against.
Parts cost and labor (not applicable for fuel injection)
Distributors shipping account and carrier information (to ship back if denied)
Upload pictures and documents to the case as you are filing the case.

For cylinder head claims: All the above AND

Cylinder head serial number required for authorization to return (RGA)
Valve bridges, head gasket, and components replaced to repair failure.


Common Questions

No. Shipping warranties with RGA’s or Core Returns will delay the processing of the case. Please ship warranties separately.

Once your case has been received by Interstate-McBee, the registered email will receive case update notifications for the following instances:

  • Case is received.
  • Checked in by Interstate-McBee receiving.
  • Case is being researched.
  • Warranty analysis in progress.
  • Case is complete.
  • Analysis complete pending final review.
  • Case is finalized.
  • Case is closed disposition and credit memo issued.

Starting from when all required documentation and parts are received, the case will take 3 to 6 weeks to complete. If additional parts or documentation are required after the initial case submission, the case can extend beyond the 3–6-week window.

After a case is finalized no additional credits can be issued and a credit memo and disposition will be emailed to the registered email that filed the case.

To dispute a warranty final resolution, you must work with your Interstate-McBee salesman.

To dispute a warranty final resolution, you must work with your Interstate-McBee salesman.

If your claim is denied and you selected to have parts returned, parts will be returned to the distributor address on the warranty using the distributors shipping account.

Selecting “Issue Core Credit” is for fuel injectors that carry a core charge. If you requested a core credit for a non-core case, your credit request will be denied.

If no request for part return is received after 30 days, parts will be discarded.