5 Unique Features of Interstate-McBee Injectors

1. Unique Trim Codes – Each electronic injector comes with an appropriate trim code, guaranteeing efficient engine performance. Correct trim codes provide better fuel economy and lower emissions.

2. Precise Measurement – Our team of engineers and measurement inspection specialists use a variety of processes which enables us to measure to sub-microns (less than one millionth of an inch). This ensures we hold true to our mission of providing “Quality Without Compromise”.

3. New Nozzle on IMCB Injectors – Every remanufactured injector built at Interstate-McBee has a new nozzle delivering longer life and high quality engine performance.

4. Quality Assurance – Every injector, new or remanufactured, is 100% tested for key performance characteristics including peak injection pressures, leakage, injected quantity, and valve response time. Our skilled technicians and specialized equipment ensures you receive the highest quality products every time fully guaranteed with the industry’s best warranty.

5. Never Rebuilt – Unlike other suppliers who “rebuild” the old core injector, every Interstate-McBee injector is built with only new and remanufactured components for peak performance and longevity.