Quality Without Compromise

In striving for quality parts for our customers, we have made some adjustments to our world headquarters quality lab. By adding 800 square feet, one third the previous size, and a new 7.5-ton HVAC unit, we are now able to give our employees more workspace and expand our equipment within this temperature controlled setting.

One adjustment to our quality lab since our expansion is the location of our metal preparation station. Previously outside, these machines are now inside our quality lab where they can be temperature controlled as we prepare our metals for cutting and assembly. In addition, we have updated some of our quality lab machines for enhanced accuracy when measuring parts.

Our updated surface machine replaces manual surface machine with non-contact measurements made using lighting to create bright, sharp images with strong accuracy. In addition, we have upgraded our computer software for various machines that measure and analyze roughness, contour, topography, angles, and other interior aspects of parts.